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We’ll teach your kid to create video games, websites, chatbots, and apps from scratch.
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Lesson Format
Classes are conducted in English or Russian
Bilingual Lessons
Lesson duration 50 minutes
Duration 50 minutes
Children from different countries can interact, discuss programming, and make new friends.
Community on Discord
Tailored education based on verified programs.
Individual 1 to 1 Lessons
We organise a convenient lesson schedule tailored to the student
Flexible Schedule
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Our candidates go through a rigorous selection process, with only one candidate chosen out of every 30. Most of our educators have studied at top technical universities and work in various IT companies. Lessons are monitored by quality control staff, who provide recommendations for improvement.
Все преподаватели
Evgeny Veselov
Ezzaldin Hassan
Evgeny has over 4 years of experience working in IT and holds a degree in Applied Informatics in Economics.
Ezzaldin graduated with a degree in IT and has over four years of teaching experience.
Anton Dudochkin
Archana Chandarana

Anton has been teaching since 2013 and is known as "The Friendliest Teacher."
Archana has a Bachelor's degree in Education and 20 years of teaching experience.
Youssef Abdelrahman

Youssef has a bachelor's degree in IT and a master's degree in software engineering. Youssef has been teaching programming for 3 years.
And more than 100+ other teachers
What will your child achieve?
The kid will receive a certificate after successfully defending their projects and passing all tests. It will list all programming languages and skills mastered during the course.
Learn the basics of game development from Scratch to Unity3D, learn how to make programs in Python, Lua, C#, C++, create websites in HTML, CSS, JS. And he will acquire skills if he wants to work in Google, Facebook, Yandex.
Try a new professions
He will learn in practice what programmers, game creators, designers, bloggers do and will understand whether such activities are suitable.
Soft Skills
Learn how to work in different teams in a collaborative project where they will have a chance to propose different solutions for different task and choose the best one.
First income
The kid will be able to sell his maps in Roblox or Minecraft, create 3D models using Unity and Blender or work as a freelance web developer.
Comprehensive development
Improve mathematical skills, logic, focus, design thinking. Developing theses skills will affect positively the marks in the school and help reaching better results in life.
What will be the result?
Certificate of Completion
After successfully defending their projects and passing all tests, your child will receive a certificate listing the programming languages and skills they mastered during the course.
Hard Skills
Learn the fundamentals of game development from Scratch to Unity3D, program in Python, Lua, C#, C++, and create websites using HTML, CSS, JS. Acquire skills that can lead to a career at Google, Facebook, Yandex, and more.
Explore New Professions
Through practical experience, your child will gain insights into the work of programmers, game creators, designers, and bloggers, helping them discover their interests and aptitudes.
Soft Skills
Learn teamwork and collaboration by working on projects with other students. They will have the opportunity to propose different solutions to various tasks and choose the best ones.
Comprehensive development
Improve mathematical skills, logic, focus, and design thinking. Developing these skills will positively impact school performance and lead to better results in life.
First income
Your child can monetize their creations by selling maps in Roblox or Minecraft, creating 3D models using Unity and Blender, or working as a freelance web developer.
How are our lessons conducted?

What do we use in our education?
We carefully select programs and applications that capture kids' interest and immerse them in the learning process. We start with their favorite games like Minecraft and Roblox and gradually introduce programming concepts using Python and C++.
The Best Learning Environment for Kids
We bring all our students together in our virtual school on Discord and our Minecraft server. There, they can program, discuss, share their homework, and showcase their projects.
Our students continue to interact after classes in our Discord community. They discuss projects, support each other, and exchange ideas.
7 750+ Community Members
We regularly organize team competitions for the most active students. Winners receive awards and valuable prizes from the school and sponsors.
Hackathons, Contests, and Awards
On our dedicated Minecraft server, children can communicate, make friends, participate in contests, and, of course, engage in programming activities.
Minecraft Server
Your First International
IT Community
What Awaits You:
Safe Learning and Communication Environment
English Language Improvement
Ensuring a secure environment for education and communication
Constant communication helps improve your language skills
Connect with students from different countries who are part of the RTS school community
Friends from Around the World
Exchange Rocket Coins for real money and gifts
Opportunity to Earn Rocket Coins for Your Projects
Engage in evening online meetings, watch movies, play games together, and discuss and create your own projects
Useful and Enjoyable Leisure Activities
First lesson is free
Within 60 minutes, your child will create their first simple game, mini-site, or even a chatbot and receive career guidance.
Career guidance
Practical task
Get acquainted
For Parents, We Offer:
Personal Progress Reports
After every 8-16 lessons, the teacher will provide an update on completed topics, areas for further study, and recommendations for your child's development.
24/7 WhatsApp Support
Administrators are available to help reschedule lessons, provide lesson recordings, and answer questions regarding your child's progress.
Technical Support
We assist with installing necessary programs and ensure your computer and internet are working correctly, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
Comparison of classes format
  • Leila Kim
    The child is completely absorbed in the lessons during the lesson. passionate about learning new things. shares knowledge gained with great interest. And looking forward to the next lesson.
  • Ramaz Kakiashvili
    We are extremely satisfied with our children's enrollment in Rocket Tech School. The school has exceptional teachers who provide individualized attention to each child. We are grateful for the opportunity to teach our children remotely and introduce them to the world of programming!
  • Thierno Balde
    The lessons have been highly productive. The teachers are true professionals in their field, consistently explaining the lesson topics clearly. Any technical issues that arose were resolved with understanding and patience. Most importantly, both the students and their parents are thrilled with the results! :)))
over 1000 reviews on trustpilot (4.9 / 5)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Our classes are practical, and students showcase their progress through specific projects they create. Additionally, the teacher maintains regular communication with parents and provides personal progress reports after each module (8-10 lessons).
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